What makes Scottish produce so exceptional

Scotland brings so much to the table

Scotland’s food and drink industry is one of our greatest success stories. Our produce is celebrated and enjoyed right across the globe. In fact, very few countries of our size can boast such an extensive larder. One that’s right on your doorstep.

We’re all familiar with oatcakes and salmon but that’s only the start of our story. At all levels of production, we have some of the highest quality fruit, vegetables, meat, and seafood found anywhere. And thanks to the hard work and passion of our producers many Scottish products are synonymous with quality. This reputation is no accident, but rather the result of years of dedication, collaboration and innovation.

Supporting our people, products and places

However, as we all know, our food and drink sector has had to confront change and uncertainty in recent months, and all parts of the supply chain have been affected. The Scottish Food & Drink Partnership is here to do everything we can to get our industry back on the front foot. To get Scottish produce back on to the menu by working with other industry organisations, the Scottish government and its agencies, and with businesses across the country and beyond.

Good food tells a story, and the combination of people, product, and place means we tell them like no one else. From our endless coastline, rolling Lowlands, and rugged Highlands we have a wealth of natural resources. And we have generations of passionate food producers, at the heart of our communities, who keep traditions alive and begin new ones with devotion and craft. These are the stories we need you to know. With your support, our reputation will be even greater, and our industry even stronger.

All Year Long

From the Borders to Shetland and everywhere in between, there are stories worth hearing from a diverse array of world-class food producers. And these are stories told throughout the year. No matter the month, Scottish produce is in season.

Take a look at our seasonality calendar to get a flavour of the products you could be enjoying right now, and start weaving Scottish produce into your own story.

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