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We're very proud to say that Scotland produces some of the highest quality food and drink anywhere in the world. It's an incredible range, and it's right on your doorstep. But with recent events, our food and drink industry has had more than its fair share of challenges, making it quite an uncertain time for food and drink producers right across Scotland. And that's why we need your help.

Scotland brings so much to the table is our new campaign that asks you to lend your support. To help our industry and do your bit for Scottish businesses. You could have an amazing effect on livelihoods and local communities. And you won't just be protecting Scotland's food and drink industry, you'll be helping it thrive and grow.

How you can help

There are simple and effective steps that you can take right now to help support Scotland’s food and drink producers.

Check the label

Make sure you’re supporting local producers where and when you can.

Keep it local

Small businesses are the backbone of the Scottish food and drink industry, and many have deep connections with the land and local communities.

Word of mouth

If you’re in a farm shop or deli ask the staff about their favourite local produce and suppliers.

Local produce challenge

Support our industry by choosing one new local product every month throughout 2021.


There’s a wealth of tips and recipes for you to follow to help bring Scotland’s incredible food and drink to your table.

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Local Produce

Discover why Scotland’s food and drink produce is so revered, and when is the best time to stock up with our seasonality calendar.

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Scotland’s food and drink sector is underpinned by farmers, fishermen, food and drink producers with a passion for what they are producing matched by their talent and ambition.

James Withers, CEO, Scotland Food & Drink